Love you guys who are watching With For About : ) with my girl dog Ah Woo ~
Hope you are all safe and we could get through this together.


“对一条河流的命名”参加群展“Critical Zones”,ZKM, Karlsruhe, 现在因为瘟疫暂时变成了线上版本(点这里). 本来已经买好了原版书要去找拉图尔签名了,哎,心塞。

“奔向甜蜜”参加群展 “忍不住转身”,中间美术馆,2020.6.6.-2020.10.8.
Towards the Sweetness is involved in the exhibition An Impulse to Turn. IOAM, Beijing, 2020.6.6.-2020.10.8.

Multiple series are involved in the exhibition UN/CONVENTIONAL. OCAT Shanghai,2020.5.16.-2020.8.16.

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